Summer International Print Project 2023: Origins

2023.08.08 - 2023.09.24

Summer International Print Project 2023: Origins

Gallery de sol’s resplendent realm marks the fifth glorious year of the Summer International Print Project. Since 2019, this exhibition has unveiled a profoundly important artistic perspective, interweaving the luminous prints of Taiwan’s printmaker, LIAO Shiou-ping, with the masterpieces of three Spanish titans: Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, and Salvador Dali. These opulent compositions have ignited a fervent flame of reverence for the sanctity of Original Print within the hearts of Taiwanese viewers.

In its second year, the project showcased the lithographic masterpiece “Ubu’s Childhood Series,” made by the venerable Joan Miró at the ripe age of 82. The following year, it presented Marc Chagall’s Jewish religious commemorative work, “The Window of Jerusalem.” And in its fourth year, the spotlight turned to Salvador Dali’s comprehensive suite of etchings from 1971, “The Song of Songs of King Solomon,” enticing viewers to venture into the captivating world of complete print sets.

In recent years, Original Print has captivated global attention. Beyond the soaring market values, major art institutions have gradually turned their gaze toward collecting and exhibiting these works.

Distinguishing itself from the mass-produced and commercialized print works of yore, the term “Fine Art Print” has emerged in the Western lexicon to dignify the original print creations of artists.

Remaining true to its ethos of contemplating and appreciating Original Print from a “material” perspective, in 2023, Gallery de sol orchestrates an exhibition themed “Origins.” It reverently showcases the earliest (1950s) precious original prints by the Chinese art luminary ZAO Wou-ki, who arrived in France in 1948 and swiftly captured the Parisian art scene’s attention with his unique printmaking techniques and style. ZAO Wou-ki’s artistic odyssey crystallized in the realm of Original Print, serving as a pivotal point in his European acclaim.

Furthermore, this exhibition simultaneously exposes the “Printmaking Layer (Printing plate in the creating process)” of Taiwan’s artist Yang Chung Ming, who fervently explores the boundaries of printmaking. Encompassing woodcuts, copper plates, linoleum cuts, and other mediums, these layers unveil the backstage panorama typically reserved for print artists, granting us a glimpse into their creative trajectories.