The Path of Angels: Hsieh Hong Lien

2022.04.09 - 2022.06.19

The Path of Angels: Hsieh Hong Lien

Gallery de sol, once again mounted a solo exhibition with Taiwanese artist Hsieh Hong-Lien — “The Path of Angels”. 

Hsieh Hong-Lien lives in the suburbs of Tianmu in Taipei. The distance from the modern world allows her to observe all the nature and lives from the outside in. The art world that is full of elegant colors, the pursuit of “love” and “beauty” is still as colorful and lovely as three years ago, and it is like the breeze of spring and the wash of rain. 

The world and her life have changed in the past three years, whether it is for all mankind or for Hsieh Hong-Lien herself. She has been a hermit in the city, all the changes has shown her a new energy and hope in suffering, thus, she has created her brand new series of “Ancestral”, “Secret Realm”, “Chakra”, “Bizarre & goofy”,“囍 Xi”. As a woman and a mother, Hsieh Hong-Lien has always been deeply concerned about women and children in her unique way. Every flower created by her is colorful and delicate. It is rich in love and tenderness, full of beauty, agility, sincerity and strength, And the lovely birds like angels are messengers, praisers, and the beauty of flying freely in the world. 

From Hsieh Hong-Lien’s creation, we can see the essence of life and self. While embracing her vibrant and wonderful colors, we let go, we heal, and we get all the support we need on the journey to the unknown.