Privacy Policy

To support the protection of personal data and maintain the right to personal privacy, Zodiac International Art Co., Ltd. (“GALLERY DE SOL”), in the following statement, will explain to you the purposes, categories, and the scope and method of use of the collection of personal data by GALLERY DE SOL, as well as the related rights you are entitled to exercise. The purpose of this privacy policy and the disclosures below is to help you understand the personal data protection policy adopted by GALLERY DE SOL. If you have any questions regarding matters related to the protection of personal data, you may contact the GALLERY DE SOL customer service center, and GALLERY DE SOL will respond with an explanation as soon as possible.

Scope of applicability

The GALLERY DE SOL privacy policy and the disclosures contained herein are applicable only to the websites owned and operated by GALLERY DE SOL. The GALLERY DE SOL websites may possibly contain website links or services provided by other cooperating partners, and for the privacy policies and the disclosures regarding personal data protection adopted by those linked websites or the cooperating partners’ websites, please go to their respective websites.

The purposes and categories of personal data collection

For the purposes of marketing, providing advertisements (including those provided by GALLERY DE SOL or third parties), customer management and service, operating telecommunication businesses and telecommunication value-added network businesses, providing network communication and information services, regulatory supervision of telecommunications and communications, providing internet shopping and other e-commerce services, fulfilling legal and contractual obligations, protecting the rights and interests of the parties and interested parties, providing after-sales services, and operating businesses in conformance with the lines of business specified in the business registration or articles of incorporation, GALLERY DE SOL, in accordance with the nature of each of those services, may possibly collect your name, contact information (including, but not limited to, telephone number, email address, and postal address), the name of the entity you work for, your occupational title, information necessary for completing collection.

In addition, to improve service quality, GALLERY DE SOL, in accordance with the nature of the services it provides, will record the user’s IP address and the data of the activities engaged in by the user in using GALLERY DE SOL services. But such data will be used only to analyze the network traffic and communication quality and to study network behavior so that the quality of GALLERY DE SOL services can be improved, and the data will be used only in aggregate analysis and will not be linked to any specific individuals.


For the convenience of its users, the GALLERY DE SOL websites may use web cookies to enable it to provide services better suited to the needs of individual users. Cookies are a type of technology allowing website servers to communicate with a user’s browser, and may involve the storage of some data on the user’s computer. The GALLERY DE SOL websites will also read information stored in the cookies on a user’s computer. Users may use their browser settings to turn off or restrict this function, but this might result in the user being unable to use certain website functions. If you wish to know how to turn off or restrict the cookie function, please contact the GALLERY DE SOL customer service center.

The use of personal data

The personal data collected by GALLERY DE SOL that is sufficient to identify a user is provided only for processing and use by GALLERY DE SOL internally in accordance with the purposes of its collection. GALLERY DE SOL will not provide information sufficient to identify a user to any third party (either onshore or offshore), or use the data for any purpose other than the purposes for which it is collected, unless it gives prior explanation, or as necessary for the purpose of completing provision of services or fulfilling contractual obligations, or as necessary for the completion or execution of relevant services or functions for which you have already registered for use, or in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, or as ordered or requested by a competent authority so empowered.

GALLERY DE SOL will continue to retain, process, and use relevant information during the effective term of the Agreement and the period for which the information is required to be retained as provided by laws or regulations.

Data security

GALLERY DE SOL will maintain the security of personal data by employing reasonable technology and procedures consistent with industry standards.

In the process of using GALLERY DE SOL, the files in your computer, the information you transmit to GALLERY DE SOL, and the resource of your computer are all protected in accordance with advanced technologies. Protection mechanisms are in place for all of the data you provide, and the data searchable by others will be limited to only what you have set in the personal profile to be available for search by others. All passive data will be stored only temporarily in a secure database, and only anonymous statistics will be collected (with the exception of the data required for the billing systems of certain paid or value-added services that require GALLERY DE SOL to collect your information to confirm your identity and to comply with local laws and regulations). The resource of your computer will not be accessed by third parties because of the use of the GALLERY DE SOL service.

Effects of exercising rights

If you are unwilling to provide to GALLERY DE SOL and its cooperating partners the required personal data that will enable the smooth provision of GALLERY DE SOL related services or allow a given transaction to be successfully completed or carried through to conclusion, and to consent to the collection, processing, use, and international transmission of such personal data by GALLERY DE SOL and its cooperating partners in accordance with laws and regulations, related terms of service, and related privacy policy and its disclosures, GALLERY DE SOL will respect your decision, but depending on the nature or requirements of any given service, you may, as a result, be unable to use the given service or complete the given transaction. GALLERY DE SOL also reserves the right to refuse to provide any such service or to complete any such transaction.

The right to amend the privacy policy

GALLERY DE SOL is entitled to amend this privacy policy and the related disclosures at any time, and may subsequently publish the amendments on an appropriate location of the GALLERY DE SOL website without giving individual notifications. You may at any time review the amended privacy policy and related disclosures on the GALLERY DE SOL website.